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Doi Chaang Coffee Company

by Barbara Zandvliet on 10/14/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Doi Chaang Coffee Company teamed up with Fluid Creative to help re-brand and package its new coffee blends with a focus on sustainability. 

A Canadian company in partnership with its farmers, the Akha Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand, Doi Chaang wanted to provide more variety for its customers and introduce a new logo to the brand.


"We are very passionate about the fact our materials can be recycled and break down in a landfill, especially because we're living in a time where single-serve is on the rise and waste is as well. We wanted to provide the customer with that single-serve option, as long as it was sustainable. Fluid's gorgeous designs surrounding the boxes and the cups represent those goals, and we're very proud to submit them for consideration.

The result was a beautiful design and a project we are most proud of; our Keurig-compatible, 90 percent biodegradable aroma cups. Available in our dark blend, Hardwired and our medium blend, Social Medium, the details were handled down to the individual packaging of the cups themselves by Fluid." 

The brand did not forsake style for sustainability. The natural cardboard packaging is enhanced with a trendy, two-tone color scheme for each coffee flavor; Bright aqua blues and yellows along with retro graphics and an homage to the company's roots bring the brand story full circle. 


Designed by Fluid Creative 

Client: Doi Chaang Coffee Company

Country: Canada

City: Vancouver

Production and roastingCanterbury Coffee 

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