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Streetwave Swaveboard

by Barbara Zandvliet on 10/14/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Gothic Design / Dean O + Shela Technical created a cost and material saving package design aimed at teens for the Streetwave Swaveboard

Designed in Singapore using a unique glass fibre composite, the Swaveboard is a two-wheeled caster board that moves like a surf or snow board. It employs a built-in suspension system to reduce vibrations when riding on rough terrain and has spring-loaded caster wheels that make it easier to propel forward.


The packaging design portrays a trendy, two-tone silouette of the city, reflecting the idea that the city is the largest playground for Swaveboard surfers. The one-piece box board joins and locks through deliberate die-lines, rather than glue and the foot deck is visible through open windows to avoid frequent opening and spoiling the box. 

The structure stabilizes and holds the Swaveboard with a sheer sheet of corrugated board to reduce the redundancy of additional flaps or parts acting as support. The interior die-line folds up to let the casters fit in the grooves properly and stand firm on the box. 

Through its design, the Swaveboard conveys itself as a stylish, exciting and interactive sport for teens.


Designed by Gothic Design / Dean O + Shela 

State: Singapore

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