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Lepanto Feta Cheese

by Barbara Zandvliet on 10/06/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Graphic Designer Sophia Georgopoulou created brand identity and packaging for Lepanto Dairies, a traditional Greek dairy retailer.Working off the concept of combining old and new and aiming to reach mainly young urban professionals, the brand defines healthy living, authenticity and tradition in a sentimental and modern way. 


"The logo is vintage, but the rest of the package design is minimal, hip with simple lines to project the aesthetics of the now. Sketches of farm animals who can talk project the healthy, fresh, fun and friendly ethos of this easy-to-try product. 

"The color palette is based on white and black to symbolize both the purity as well as the high-end orientation of the product. The use of blue as a secondary color is there to symbolize the land of origin, Greece. The product is packaged in cubes to make it easy for consumption which makes it a friendly product to new [consumers]."

- Sophia Georgopoulou


Designed by Sophia Georgopoulou | Design

Client: Lepanto Dairies

Country: Greece

Tagline & Copy: Evita Skourleti

Photographer: Marios Theologis

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