Student: Zotter Mixing Bar - Chocolate Packaging

by Jessica Sanchez on 01/16/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Christina HosinerKatrin BichlerTsveti Lyubenova developed package design for Zotter Mi-Xing Bar, an online tool where you can invent your own chocolate by choosing from 99 ingredients. 

"In order to create your personalized chocolate you have to first chose the shape (classic bar, heart etc.) and the type of chocolate – from milk chocolate to noble bitter and raspberry chocolate.

Then, you decide on a filling such as Marc de Champagne or Balsam Vinegar. And finally, you chose the toppings. My personal favorites are Blueberry ball, Corn flower, Cinnamon Apple, Brazil Nut Nougat and Pecan Nuts.

Like every chocolate, every package is unique. Each ingredient is represented by an icon. The chosen ingredients shape the design of the packaging as well as the logo. On the back of each package you can read about the ingredients of this particular chocolate. There's an dedicated space to write your name and notes for your loved one"

Source: Design and Paper

Designed by: Christina HosinerKatrin BichlerTsveti Lyubenova


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