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Before & After: Kaweka

by Diane Lindquist on 09/24/2013 | 2 Minute Read

09 23 13 BeforeandAfter Kaweka 1

Kaweka is a range of tasty, New Zealand made, shelf stable ready to eat meals that looked unappealing and were misunderstood by consumers. Designed by Brother Design, their  challenge was to relaunch Kaweka and to proudly tell the story of the all-natural range of delicious meals from the heart of the Hawkes Bay using locally ­sourced ingredients with absolutely no preservatives. Relaxed and casual food styling gives instant appetite appeal and makes Kaweka pop on shelf.

The packs have loads of personality through tone of copy and quirky illustrations. From the hand drawn type on the front of the packs, to the tiny illustrations surrounding the ingredient shots on the back, these packs charm consumers from start to finish.






Designed Brother Design, Auckland, New Zealand



09 23 13 BeforeandAfter Kaweka 2



09 23 13 BeforeandAfter Kaweka 309 23 13 BeforeandAfter Kaweka 409 23 13 BeforeandAfter Kaweka 5



09 23 13 BeforeandAfter Kaweka 6

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