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Hagiwara Butcher

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 09/19/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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Hagiwara Butcher has been in business since 1947, in the ancient capital city of Kamakura. When the shop was refurbished due to the age of the building, the logo and packaging were newly created, to symbolize the history of the store. 

"Hagiwara Butcher is a family butchery business that has grown with two families; the Saito family, the owner and the Hagiwara family, the shop manager. However, costumers have had no opportunity to learn the history of this butcher so far. So, I have decided to make a point of passing on this history as the two families are set to continue working together."



"The logo and pattern expressed the character “meat” using a motif of two roofs on top of the other. I also created packaging that customers take home. These packaging encourage lively conversation while shop assistants wrap the customer’s purchase and therefore, promote communication.

Before the refurbishment of the shop, they used to overwrap purchases using several different kinds of plain wrapping papers and plastic bags. By abandoning over wrapping, the shop assistants now have plenty of time to communicate with customers and the new original wrapping papers and shopping bags adds joy to their daily lives. This is a very good example of an ordinary individual shop in the town improving the quality of life in the local community by good design. It has even drawn attention from overseas."

Logo and Packaging Design by SPREAD, Japan 

Interior Design by Design Eight Co.,Ltd 


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