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SweetSpot Labs Liquid Assets

by Diane Lindquist on 08/29/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Creed Strategic Imaging designed SweetSpot Labs. Their newest innovation, Liquid Assets Naked Pleasure - a purposefully designed luxury experience for women in every way - advances and elevates the world of personal lubricants far and away from the sticky, greasy, clinical, silicone-based, and unnaturally sweetened taste of their competitors.

Creed Strategic Imaging’s beauty branding background and expertise led them to create tasteful, thoughtful packaging for Liquid Assets Naked Pleasure. Taking into account the emotional quotient of women’s needs, not just in feel and formula, she designed a luxurious skincare with an inspired, easy to travel with tube that is minimalist in look and has discreet text, so it can be left on any bedside table without embarrassment.


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"Its unique formula is driven by a mission—to develop and bottle what most mimics and is harmonious with a woman’s natural secretions and do so with natural ingredients. SweetSpot Labs® founder, Shari Creed, along with her team of women, spent over a year developing and testing Liquid Assets® Naked Pleasure until the goal was met.

The paraben and scent free, water-based and water soluble formula offers a clean, smooth, healthful moisturizing glide thanks to its key ingredient, hyaluronic acid. It’s found naturally in the body’s skin, joints, eyes and, of course, vaginas. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in hydration, making it ideal for a personal lubricant, while delivering nourishing added skin-care like benefits the body knows and loves.

SweetSpot Labs®’ launch of Liquid Assets® Naked Pleasure invites women to celebrate Lubrication Liberation and to SAY YES to a lubricant that is pH balanced and contains food grade, organic ingredients, and, of course, condom, bed linen and toy friendly. And to SAY NO to glycerin, sugars, phthalates, parabens and fragrance that may interfere with the body’s delicate balance."

Designed by Creed Strategic Imaging, Culver CIty, CA

Creative Director: Shari Creed (Owner/CEO of SweetSpot Labs and Creed Strategic Imaging)
Art Director: Susan Hewitt
Account Manager: Gillian Maley



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