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As someone who just moved into a new space -  this product speaks to me on many levels, from its design for functionality to the packaging that cleverly illustrates the product in use.  "Walhub is basically a functional switch plate that replaces your existing one. It is a dedicated location to store the objects that often come and go with you - keys, mail, umbrella, scarf... There's no need to purchase and install a new product on your wall like individual hooks or shelving systems; instead Walhub will replace your underutilized switch plate and add practical function to a logical location."



Justin Porcano, a product designer living and working in San Francisco. With 10 years of experience, he recently ventured into the world of production - starting his own brand- Upwell Products.  "After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign I partnered with a USA injection molder to produce Upwell Products’ flagship product - Walhub."   

"I wanted the packaging to highlight or glorify the products core function – what made it different from other switch plates.  So while mocking up samples with my father (a very talented packaging designer) we came up with the idea of a simple die cut hole that the 'functional part' could fit through and be exposed to touch. It gave the packaging depth and created a nice contrast between the printed paper board and the actual product plastic. The 1:1 scale of the product printed on the package lets the user know exactly what’s inside and how big it is. I love the idea of a tear away when it comes to opening packages – there’s something nice about that un-boxing experience that makes it feel as if you’re the first person to ever touch the product – it’s much more satisfying then randomly ripping open a box. The packaging is very cost affective and the assembly time is very minimal. You just need to crack and fold a couple of score lines, fold over the edges, and the last tear away edge is held in place by a tape strip rather than hot glue – makes assembly much faster and easier."

Designed by Upwell Design – Justin Porcano, San Francisco 

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