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GUM Salon Hair Products

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 07/17/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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"GUM, the Hair Salon from Milan, has created a complete hairstyle product line: pack 100% natural and recycled, without animal ingredients, SLS and parabens, following the main values of environmental sustainability. 

Gum is a 50’s style hair salon founded by Stefano Terzuolo in Milan. It was born as concept salon with a part dedicated to the shop: from here the idea to create an hair organic product line just to satisfy styling needs and to protect customers. After years of experience and meticulous ingredient studies the new Gum Organic Product line was born; a development process followed by a scrupulous research to select ingredients and high quality essences pulled out from flowers and plants grown in the total environment respect, avoiding animal ingredients.



A ten-year experience team works together to create the perfect alchemy with organic and natural elements, not tested on animals but on human tissues simulated in laboratory.

The packaging, with a 50’s vintage design, is entirely recicled and the ingredients are 100% natural and absolutely made in Italy."

Products of GUM, Milan 

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