Stoked Surf Wax Concept

by Jessica Sanchez on 07/12/2013 | 2 Minute Read

07 07 2013 surfwax 1

Christopher Vinca, a surfer/ designer from Hawaii created a concept and 3D modeling exploration for Stoked Surf Wax. Stoked Surf Wax is a minimal and sophisticated brand created for the modern day surfer.

"As a surfer, I wanted to package design something I constantly used. Since I didn’t have the resources to make and produce real wax, I taught myself how to use Cinema 4D. I spent the past month learning how to light, texture, model, and animate in 3D. All the pictures below are rendered in C4D and edited in Photoshop and After Effects."



Designed by Christopher Vinca, Hawaii

07 07 2013 surfwax 707 07 2013 surfwax 607 07 2013 surfwax 507 07 2013 surfwax 407 07 2013 surfwax 207 07 2013 surfwax 3

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