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Marshall Fridge Packaging

by Diane Lindquist on 06/03/2013 | 1 Minute Read

05 31 13 MarshallFridge 1

Even the box has stage presence. Loud, like a rock star. Practical, like a roadie. In just 48 hours, the Marshall Fridge box, designed by Proximity garnered over 14 million impressions online. And a few weeks later, a formal complaint from UPS because it was too appealing to thieves. 



"We created a piece that pays tribute to Marshall Amplification, but pushed it a little further towards Rock'n'Roll. Gritty texture, cheeky language, and an overall impressiveness will both surprise the customer on arrival, and hold up as an ambient sales piece in a retail store." 

Designed by Proximity, Canada

Art Director: Jon MacArthur
Copywriter: Ed Malyon
ACD: Trent Thompson

05 31 13 MarshallFridge 2

05 31 13 MarshallFridge 3

05 31 13 MarshallFridge 4

05 31 13 MarshallFridge 5

05 31 13 MarshallFridge 6

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