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The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Prepared Food, 3rd Place - Mighty Rice

by First name Last name on 06/23/2013 | 2 Minute Read

DLAwards13 preparedfood3 2

What is mighty-er than rice? Mighty Rice, of course!  mousegraphics was asked to design packaging for Mighty Rice. "To meet the expectations of an overseas based client was a challenge we accepted with enthusiasm. Our design approach developed through a series of emails and Skype calls between Athens and the exotic Mauritius, whilst we gradually absorbed the information that described this food product as ethically cultivated and dynamically positioned in the contemporary market. This experience was incorporated into the design framework. Thus, a mighty combination between the stated, the symbolic and the imaginary emerged. The essence of the island and the grain -the basic unit of every rice production- are rendered visible through clear, dynamic albeit elegant, transparent, duo-chromatic (b&w), non-folkloric design choices."



Designed by mousegraphics

Location: Athens, Greece

Placement: 3rd

Category: Prepared Food


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Special Thanks to inwork and MWV

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