The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Fresh Food, 1st Place - Lufthansa Metropolitan

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As part of its “Special Moments” in-flight service, Lufthansa Airlines incorporates innovative, out-of-the-ordinary ideas to pamper passengers in all travel classes on selected flights. These ideas include surprising passengers with little gifts to mark a special occasion and treating them to outstanding culinary experiences, such as vinegar and whiskey tastings



The “Metropolitan" meal boxes are the basis of the extraordinary culinary experiences from regions all over the world. In cooperation with international star chefs, various menu creations can be presented in individually fashioned, disposable inlays for ever-changing variations such as Paris version filled which French specialities or as Toscana version filled with delicious food from the northern region of Italy and so on.

In addition to optimizing functional and logistical aspects, Lufthansa’s brand values of clarity and quality are realized in the product’s design language. As a continuation of the classic Bento Box, the Metropolitan Box is its modern interpretation, communicating Lufthansa’s cosmopolitan understanding of them.
A particularly scratch- and shock-proof type of ABS for Lid and Box and a type of SAN (for Insert) plastic material was chosen for the Box concept. They withstand the rugged treatment in the catering operations and the aggressive cleaning agents of the dishwashers and guarantee a colourful product. The selection of the hard-wear materials and insusceptible shape enables a significant increase of the life cycle of the reusable products.


Designed by Lufthansa & LSG Sky Chefs

Location: Germany 

Placement: 1st Place 

Category: Fresh Food 


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Special Thanks to inwork and MWV

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