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The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Dairy, Spices, Oils, Sauces, & Condiments, Merit - A Couple of Drops

by First name Last name on 06/23/2013 | 1 Minute Read

DLAWARDS merits spice oil1 4

A Couple Drops is the respectful turn to the human need and wellbeing - to our tradition, to our roots - the return to the Greek Islands. 



Any exquisite product deserves a design treatment in tone with its sublime quality. So, for the brand and packaging design of a couple of drops extra virgin olive oil,our minds (and hearts) went immediately to Thessaloniki based Beetroot Design Agency! The multi-awarded design team and think-tank interpreted the exquisite qualities of our product, as well as the history and ethos of its production, with a design that is both pure and honest but also infused with a touch of the team’s characteristic sense of humor. 

Designed by Beetroot Design Agency

Location: Greece 

Placement: Merit

Category: Dairy, Spices, Oils, Sauces, & Condiments 

 DLAWARDS merits spice oil1 1

DLAWARDS merits spice oil1 2

DLAWARDS merits spice oil1 3


Special Thanks to inwork and MWV

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