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Alaskan Rock Vodka

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 05/27/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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ALASKAN ROCK vodka is a small-batch artisanal vodka in Australia. The vodka is distilled from malted barley and named after a cocktail incident involving happy Italian restaurateurs in Melbourne during the 1970s. "The design is unique and it was our deliberate choice to invest in creating a new iconic design that is as enjoyable for consumers as is our hand-made high quality spirit. The bottles are  black hand-finished Mexican glass with raised lettering in white wrapped around the side and an exaggerated punt denoting a mountain range of the kind that might be found in the state of Alaska. Each bottle is hand-labelled showing batch number, bottle number and distilling date."



"The bottles are packed individually in 'Ned Kelly' boxes highlighting both the profile of the punt and the product name. Even the top is a unique design crafted wholly out of food grade plastic and showing the product initials in relief. Brand colours are limited to black, white and orange.There's potential that in future we may mix up the colours between the various elements of the packaging (e.g orange bottle, black letters, white top or white bottle, orange letters black top). "

Designed by Vert Design, Sydney / Australia


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