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Student Spotlight: Gillette

by Jessica Sanchez on 04/25/2013 | 2 Minute Read

"The given brief was to make a re-design for a product of own choose.  We chose Gillette because we felt their packaging were in a need of an update. We have come up with a uncomplicated construction with a tamperproofing. The box can easily be pulled out from the surrounding sleeve. 

The material we used was 200 gram cardboard which gives the packaging a stylish and lightweight feel with eco-friendly materials without removing quality from the product.

The minimalist trend is set to continue and within the noise of all impressions we experience, people are looking for the simple and human, the real and personal.Gillette’s story is worth being told and the design will reflect the quality that lies behind the technologically advanced products of the brand.The product is the main focus on the packaging, no graphic or colours interfere."



"The customer can find the most essential information in the front of the packaging and more detailed information on the back. Gillette’s new packaging is smart, beautiful and a joy to open. The new design is timeless and therefore adapted to a wider audience. It breathes nostalgia along with a modern feel."

Credit: Anton Green, Karin Olafsdottir, Lucas Andersson and Linnea Andersson




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