Sola Bee

by Jessica Sanchez on 03/12/2013 | 4 Minute Read

"Since 1861 the Tauzer Family Homestead has evolved and innovated to meet changing demands. Ranging from raising livestock to keeping bees, the Tauzer family homestead has demonstrated a strong commitment to caring for the land and preserving family farming. With the established success of their apiary, it was time to grow the business and its offerings by developing a line a goods from the natural byproducts of the bees. Tauzer Apiraries engaged UNIT to develop the entire brand strategy for this new company division, including the name, identity, and product packaging. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and the land itself, led to the installation of a fully solar powered honey/wax extraction system to ensure all products were sustainably harvested."



"UNIT focused the overall brand strategy around three main pillars; small family farm, sustainable practices, and healthy products. The larger ideas provided the elements needed to develop a dynamic brand which has the flexibility to continually evolve while staying true to the original brand pillars. UNIT presented the name "Sola Bee" to reference both the sun and solar energy they harness to harvest their honey, along with the creature that helps make the tasty sweet. After learning that honeybees are the only bee to swarm and collaboratively create their hives, we illustrated a vine-like icon in the shape of a hive that is also representative of the stripes on a bee to convey motion and reference their green practices. The ascenders on the typography playfully depict bee antennae. The packaging reinforced this same story with the inclusion of bee swarm illustrations which showcase the specific florals that define each honey varietal. The bold and simple use of black reinforced the product sophistication and more affluent target audience, while the usage of thermography printing provided a tactile nature to the label. The content clearly labels the varietal name, however, different than other honey products available today, we also included tasting notes so the consumer could easily decipher between the options and determine what might fit best with their palette.The overlay label includes a bright pop of color – each clearly reinforcing a different varietal – while also providing a tamper-proof seal for retail purposes. The labels were produced on recycled, post-consumer waste stock and the glass jars are created using recycled content, to ensure the entire product experience is environmentally conscious.

Since the launch of this brand, the client has been overwhelmed by requests from local wineries and boutique stores interested in stocking the honey. The were introduced to a local Whole Foods for inclusion on shelf as a local product and within 3 months have been invited stock their honey at numerous other Whole Foods."

Client: Tauzer Apiaries
Project: Sola Bee Farms honey packaging
Design Firm: UNIT partners



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