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Martini Spirito

by First name Last name on 02/07/2013 | 2 Minute Read

"Martini Spirito is a new blend that uses Lapsang Souchong tea, toasted American Oakwood and other flavourings. Identica was tasked with developing designs that would appeal to a ‘younger, trendsetting’ audience, and particularly to male drinkers. The Martini portfolio is, the brand says, particularly successful with female consumers."





"The consultancy says it has taken design cues from Italian fashion and motoring heritage marks, such as Lamborghini.

The Spirito crest features metal foil stock, and is pre-tarnished to resemble a car badge.

Identica also developed the bottle design, ‘evolving’ the existing Martini bottle shape to a more ‘masculine’ shape. The consultancy says it also chose a heavier bottle to increase the masculine feeling.

The product is originally launching in Russia but looking to further roll-out in 2013"

Designed by Identica, London 

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