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Thoukis Limited Edition Ouzo

by Jessica Sanchez on 02/04/2013 | 1 Minute Read

02 2 13 ouzo 1

"Thoukis distillery has its roots back in 1929 in Cyprus, concentrating in the production and trading  of fine local spirits amongst which the classic Greek/Mediterranean Ouzo liqueur. 







"This Limited Edition Ouzo particularly reflects an old restorative formula with a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals in high-proof alcohol and redistilled in a combination pot and column still to deliver the original 1929 formula “true-to-botanicals experience” of Thoukis Kiprianou, founder and master distiller. The label depicts the main ingredient , the anise plant (pimpinella anisum) of this unique aromatic spirit in an elegant way."

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