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Student Spotlight: Roc Brewing Co. Inner Loop

by First name Last name on 02/14/2013 | 2 Minute Read

02 13 13 rocbrewingco 1

At the Rochester Institute of Technology, students were tasked with developing a new beer brand for Roc Brewing, Co. by performing original target audience and category research, developing the brand strategy and identity, and creating an exciting presentation to "pitch" the idea to the brewery. Roc Brewing, Co. is a young microbrewery in Rochester, NY. Located at the heart of downtown, they hope to put Rochester on the map in the craft beer industry. 



The Challenge: Develop a new brand of beer for Roc Brewing, Co. that appeals to Millennials in Rochester.

The Insight: Our audience takes pride in everything they do. They also take pride in their hard-working city. It's core to who they are, both functionally and emotionally.

Design Strategy: Evoke a hometown, blue-collar pride to connect emotionally with our audience.

"There are lots of things that make Rochester unique: garbage plates, spring festivals, Kodak. One of those unique things is the Inner Loop. Surrounding the heart of the city, the Inner Loop is a stretch of highway responsible for getting thousands of people to and from work each day. It's a major part of the city's local heritage, and stood out to our branding team as an icon, not only for the city, but for the citizens that use it every day. Roc Brewing, Co. itself can be found just off the Inner Loop. Because of its importance both to the company and to Rochester, the choice to turn it into the face of the Inner Loop Lager was an easy one to make."

3D Designer: Aaron Powell

Marketing Consultant: Matt Wolf 

Team Members: Aaron Siegelman, C.J. Fiumara, Corey Blackler

Instructors: Lorraine Hems, Michael Chatfield

Co-Owners Roc Brewing, Co: Chris Spinelli,  Patty Spinelli, Jon Mervine


Concept Sketch 

02 13 13 rocbrewingco 5

Early Renderings 

02 13 13 rocbrewingco 2

02 13 13 rocbrewingco 4

02 13 13 rocbrewingco 3


Final Product

02 13 13 rocbrewingco 6

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