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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 12/15/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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The Creative Method created an optical illusion for a range of wines, Bamboozle. The goal was to optimize shelf standout but also illustrate the powerfully and punchy flavors of the wine. The wine was to sell for around $20 per bottle and needed to immediately cut through in the busy wine space.

"The labels almost fully wrap around the bottle and the main front facing section contains a black and white optical illusion. These illusions tie in with the name Bamboozle and the drink itself, where things are not as they seem. "



'The solution began with a tasting session where all the designers were involved in sampling the product - some more than others! It was during this tasting session that it was noted that there was an unusually high taste of passion fruit notes. Some even wondered if passion fruit had been added to drive more fruit flavor. The wine however, was made in the traditional style and no extra fruit or ingredients had been added. This discovery got us thinking about how there was some sort of illusion happening and from here we started playing round with images and names that would best bring this idea to life.' 

Designed by The Creative Method
Design/Illustration/Artwork: Elli Lahti
Account Director: Eils Robertson
Creative Director: Tony Ibbotson


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