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by Diane Lindquist on 11/08/2013 | 2 Minute Read

The in-house design team at MNQ Corporation Ltd. creates the packaging for MONIQUE's new line of skincare products.

MONIQUE is a fashion brand that offers leather goods crafted from high-quality materials that are also affordable. Expanding their brand, MONIQUE now offers a skincare line ranging from creams to sleeping masks. When designing the boxes for the skincare products, "revelation" was their central theme.

"Our concept for the packaging is "Revelation" which [is inspired] by the nature of our skincare with all the good ingredients loaded inside the cream. Therefore, the revelation theme was set to exhibit this idea. The carton boxes are designed with a blooming-wall structure, both practical for rigidity and aesthetics. Inside the lower boxes are printed images representing the concept of each products. As a result, the consumer will experience the "revelation" while they are opening the package."

Revelation is about discovery. At first glance, the packaging for MONIQUE skincare is plain and direct. Using a black and white color scheme, the logo stretches across the lower half of the box while the product description lines the top. This plain facade makes the reveal all the more surprising. Once the top lid is lifted, it uncovers the product and the brilliant interior lining of the lower box.






Designed by MNQ Corporation Ltd., Bangkok


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