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Student Concept—BEVERAGE

Concept: Vargold Norse Vodka

by Jessica Sanchez on 11/08/2013 | 2 Minute Read

10 16 2013 vargold 1

Vargold Norse Vodka designed by I love dust is just an amazing design! The stunning illustrations on the bottle are spectacular, along with the color scheme and wonderfully placed label, everything about this bottle design is just stunning. View more illustrations of this design after jump!



"I love dust created these bottle illustrations for Nordic brand Vargold. The clean, crisp taste of Vargold vodka is represented in the illustrations."

"U.K. based illustrator Matt Taylor produced the art for these four fictions bottles of Vargold vodka. Sticking with a Nordic theme, each bottle features a different Norse mythos including Odin and his raven, Vidar battling Fenrir, and the unnamed eagle atop Yggdrasil. Everyone knows alcohol tastes better when the bottle is cooler looking, so it's obvious that if produced, Vargold would be the tastiest of vodka."

Designed By: I love dust, U.K.

Via: Awesome-Robo

10 16 2013 vargold 2

10 16 2013 vargold 3

10 16 2013 vargold 4

10 16 2013 vargold 5

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