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Limited Edition Banksy Figurine Designed by Artist, Mike Leavitt

by First name Last name on 11/20/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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"The special/surprise release coincides with the end of Banksy’s month long NYC residency “Better Out, Than In." The figure is modeled on renowned artist Mike Leavitt 'Art Army' series first released in 2010 at the Stolen Space Gallery in London. The original was purchased for $2,500. This marks the first time any of Leavitt's works have been recreated for public consumption.

The piece is based on Banksy’s installation at Disneyland in which the English artist dressed an inflatable doll in the outfit of a Guantanamo Bay prisoner and then placed the doll within the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride for the park’s visitors to see. The figure can be purchased for a limited (unknown) period of time at, by entering the secret password: 'fremeu' "



  Designed by Mike Leavitt






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