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ETNIA cosmetics

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 11/12/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Lavernia - Cienfuegos created a coherent package design system for over 200 references for ETNIA make up and treatment. 

"It was a project which required the consolidation of a bespoke design with standard bottles. A complex task resembling a jigsaw puzzle. Pieces from different suppliers have been selected, and materials, finishes and processes have been chosen, and applied, in such a way that the end result, composed of pieces from multiple suppliers with different resources, is feasible whilst keeping everything coherent and transmitting a consistent ETNIA personality." 



"Make-up, which is a key product in ETNIA shops, is full of color, lines and textures. The visual identity takes these characteristics as a starting point for its packaging design, which highlights the most representative attributes of each category, such as elegance and beauty.

The result is a design which differentiates from the usual characteristics, visual cues and trends of other brands, resisting silver, gold, and design elements associated with the make-up world. Instead, varying textures give the design a fresh and dynamic touch, and at the same time they serve as a flexible solution for an innovative brand with diverse product lines, which is in constant flux. (fragrances, body care, facial cosmetics…)."

Designed by Lavernia - Cienfuegos, Spain 

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