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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 01/07/2013 | 2 Minute Read


Los Angeles Designer Alec Strickland (originally from Nashville) designed this lovely packaging for Health-Ade. Check it out below!


"We wanted our packaging to have a bit of the old-time 'snake oil'/traveling medicine man vibe, but not be so playful as to not be taken seriously.  Alec Strickland, our designer, threaded the needle perfectly when he designed our label.  We knew we wanted to use amber-colored glass bottles, since they protect the probiotics from harmful UV light.  We also knew we wanted to use thicker wine stock labels so as to impute a sense of quality and craftsmanship to the product.  We couldn't be more pleased with the result." 
"Health-Ade aims to achieve a simple goal: to create an authentic kombucha, made with the highest degree of scrutiny, using only local organic farmers' market ingredients for flavoring, resulting in the healthiest and tastiest probiotic drink possible.  Kombucha is an ancient elixir which uses fermented tea as a basis for specialized bacteria (probiotics) and yeast to interact and grow.  This living drink has a wide range of health benefits including improved digestion, enhanced metabolism, greater energy, and the list goes on." 
Designed by Alec Strickland, Los Angeles


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