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Simple & Crisp

by Jessica Sanchez on 01/23/2013 | 3 Minute Read

"Simple & Crisp’s organic, gluten-free fruit crisps serve as a gourmet serving vessel and cracker alternative for the social, yet health conscious entertainer. The crisps are “the perfect pairing” for items such as cheese, chocolate, champagne, and countless other specialty foods and beverages.




"Founder and “Chief Pairing Purveyor” Jane Yuan developed Simple & Crisp with the desire to offer healthier options to entertain guests, as well as satisfy different dietary needs. With a background in public relations, an eye for mid-century modern design and geometric shapes, and an affinity for healthy foods, Yuan sought to promote Simple & Crisp as the “perfect pairing” for the social, yet health conscious entertainer.

In order for Simple & Crisp to showcase its innovative product, Yuan felt that special attention should be placed on presentation, recognition, and aesthetics. Starting with her passion for mid-century geometric design, Yuan worked with Seattle’s design and packaging firm Creative Retail Packaging, Inc. (CRP) to develop and implement Simple & Crisp’s branding and packaging design.

Given a product that was aesthetically pleasing, yet fragile and perishable, Yuan approached CRP to design and produce custom packaging that visually highlighted the product in a distinguishable, airtight, and structurally sound manner. Inspired by the retail experience of shopping in Dean & Deluca, Yuan envisioned a packaging solution that demanded attention on the shelf. More than a traditional box or bag, Yuan sought to create a signature entertainment centerpiece to match the natural beauty of the fruit.

Organic by nature, mid-century modern by form, the hexagonal prism was chosen not only for its structural integrity, but for its ownable geometric shelf presence. As Yuan built the prototypes, she wanted to feature the elegant integrity of the fruit and created die-cut windows to showcase the product from multiple vantage points.

CRP carried the hexagonal shape language throughout the branding of Simple & Crisp. The patterning system, an iconic representation of the hexagon and fruit pairing, is utilized to distinguish product variants on the shelf. Through use of vibrant color and bold shape language, the packaging maintains a clean white brand block that unifies the product on shelf while remaining eye-catching.
Distinguishable, social and clean, Simple & Crisp’s packaging aims to reflect the brand’s core attributes through sophisticated and intelligent design.

Simple & Crisp is available in select Whole Foods and Dean & DeLuca. The company and has been featured in Real Simple magazine and is confirmed for April features in Oprah Magazine’s “O List” and Martha Stewart Living Magazine’s “On Our Radar.”

Client: Simple & Crisp / Founded by Jane Yuan / Chief Pairing Purveyor
Designer: Packaging and branding created and developed by Creative Retail Packaging, Inc.

Video: Simple & Crisp Delights at Glenfiddich Scotch Tasting

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