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Stafidenios Raisins

by Gina Angie on 09/05/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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This packaging was designed to not only hold the product but to be converted into a kid friendly (no tools or glue needed for assembly) paper toy.

"Package design agency Matadog Design has designed visual identity, structural and packaging for Stafidenios® raisins with innovative packaging for kids that can be converted to paper toy without the use of glue, blade cutter and scissors.

Stafidenios® is a raisins product packed for kids. It is made in Greece and the packaging dimensions specifications are that the product could fit into a kid's cupped hand. Each packaging hide a different paper toy which is a real lure for parents and kids.



What is unique about the packaging is its ability to be used as a paper toy after use with ten different heroes, scrapping the conventional use of scissors, blades and glue which used to be the staple paper toy construction tools, thus making the construction process a cinch for kids as it can be put together in a jiffy while moving around.

It has a minimum packaging disposal, it is extendable with a surprise factor embedded in it and includes collectible paper toys which will be both fun and educational."

Designed by Matadog Design

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