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Before & After: Pacific Pilsner

by Gina Angie on 09/05/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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Check out the evolution of Pacific Western Brewery's Pacific Pilsner branding.

"Established in 1957, Pacific Western Brewery (PWB) is Canada’s longest running, British Columbian-owned brewery. Starting life over 50 years ago on a fresh water spring in Prince George, BC it has since grown into an award winning brewer, exporting products around the world.

With competition increasing in the market for beers that appeal to the younger market, PWB needed a fresh new look to help their signature product break into this age group, and gain real product following.

The challenge set to Red Rocket Creative Strategies(RRCS) was to keep the overall Pacific Pilsner brand familiar to existing customers and at the same time attract and excite a new generation of sophisticated beer drinkers.

The Pacific name is strongly recognized and needed to remain in the forefront of each product. We worked to find a way that kept this strength while ensuring we could incorporate each of the individual beer identities alongside it.

The Pacific brand is most recognizable by its iconic sailboat logo. RRCS worked to modernize and simplify the overall shape of the boat, giving it more energy and movement. Crisp clean lines in both the boat and the background support all other elements of the new look and feel."



 Designed by Red Rocket Creative Strategies

Designer/Illustrator: Ian Adams

Creative Director: Gil Binne

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