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by Gina Angie on 09/14/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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New brand position for TOM organic.

"TOM stands for Time Of Month and was born out of my bedroom in Melbourne, Australia. I began designing tampon packaging back at school when I found it annoying when tampons fell about in my handbag.

It didn't take long to come across an unexpected list of ingredients written on the pack of my conventional tampon packs. This is when TOM was created. I dreamt up a brand that would offer beauty on the inside and the outside of the packet.

I worked closely with one of Australia's leading illustrators - Sarah Carter Jenkins and branding agency Truly Deeply; the intention was to take our customers on a visual yet educational storytelling journey; explaining that using a certified organic healthy product should not come with a compromise on beautiful packaging design (which is something I am very passionate about). There was no other organic offering on the market that took this into account - and offered a brand with integrity plus elegance and style."



“The visual cues of the pack­ag­ing design com­bine a styl­ish, con­tem­po­rary fem­i­nin­ity, a healthy dose of inter­est and intrigue with a sec­ondary visual lan­guage of eco-sustainability. The result is a range of fresh pack­ag­ing that not only stands-out in the fem­i­nine hygiene cat­e­gory, but con­nects with TOM’s tra­di­tional audi­ence, whilst attract­ing a new, broader set of cus­tomers,” says David Ansett, Chief Cre­ator of Brands, Truly Deeply.

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