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WB&Co Veg Juice

by Richard Baird on 09/11/2012 | 3 Minute Read


Wild Bunch & Co is a range of 100% organic and unpasturised juices created from vegetables grown by local farmers and bottled fresh each morning. Developed by design agency Seed, the juice’s packaging, a simple mix of sans serif typography, a monochromatic colour palette, screen print and adhesive label treatment across a proprietary glass design, subtly resolves the regional and high quality proposition of the brand, the traditional cold-pressed nature of the product and intentionally avoids the familiar visual cues of the organic sector with the intention of capturing the attention of the urban consumer.

“WB&CO VEG JUICE offers an exciting, convenient and natural way to help busy people enjoy vegetables at any time of the day,” “our vegetable juice is slowly pressed from British organic vegetables and delivered freshly made, direct from the WB&CO Pressing Plant in London.”

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Designed by Seed Creative Consultants, UK

“Our commitment to sourcing and manufacturing locally (within the UK) means quality is maintained from the soil to the bottle and onto the shelf to ensure customers experience the earthy goodness and natural taste you can only get when vegetable juice is made fresh and raw”.


The wide base, shallow curves, soft shoulders, long, flowering neck, high-flint glass and cork combination of the 250ml structural solution is perhaps the most communicative aspect of this design. It fuses the design cues associated with traditional craft pottery, fine wine and oils (a very neat reference to the adoption of a process originally created for olives) with the more contemporary scientific qualities of an erlenmeyer flask. A form that perhaps reflects the ‘experimental’ flavour profiles and ‘proven’ physiological benefits of the juices.

A stacked typographic mix of tall, wide and broadly spaced, uppercase, geometric sans serif characters and fine line detail, in conjunction with a straightforward language choice and monochromatic chalk-board colour palette carefully blends a sense of contemporary fashion locality and honesty. 


The simple matt varnished adhesive label choice across the neck and screen-printed treatment around the base should deliver a neat contrast against the high gloss of the glass that combined make the most of the natural, earthy and rich tones of the juice while complimenting rather than embellishing the very nature and integrity of the brand.

Rather than capitalising on the brand’s quite remarkable commitment to sustainability, which includes pulp donations, refillable infrastructure, an easily recycled material composition and locally sourced produce, and moving forward on the assumption that urban consumers are less interested in agricultural cues, the solution’s fusion and cross-pollination of multiple structural references alongside a contemporary, uncluttered graphic approach neatly mixes subtlety and inference alongside the straightforward communicative value of product. 

Opinion by Richard Baird - Twitter @richbaird

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