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Spring44 Vodka & Gin

by Gina Angie on 08/27/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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Spirit packaging that that makes its own path into the hands of bartenders and consumers.

"We did considerable research on the bottle design and finally chose our bottle based on bartender feedback. Bartenders prefer a longer neck to hold onto for pouring, as well as a taller, thinner bottle to fit into wells.

We noticed a trend in competitors trying to out shout one another with more and more extravagant bottle designs and we wanted no part of it. We wanted a simple clean bottle that made the spirit the hero, not the bottle.

The label design is based again on letting the spirit do the talking. We wanted a clean look that utilized photography of the actual items found in Nature inherent to our products. Our vodka uses a snowflake representing our Colorado Rocky Mountain artesian spring water, the honey bee for our Honey Vodka, and a juniper berry for our gin. We wanted to differentiate ourselves in the market, and no one was using photography or anything close to what we finally produced.



The capsule and embossing on the label showcase sacred geometry symbols inspired by Metatron's Cube. Each product gets it's own symbol: the vodka gets a tetrahedron, which was chosen because our spring water is filtered through a high concentration of rose quartz at our Source in the Rocky Mountains. The tetrahedron is the shape of a water molecule and similar to a quartz molecule. The Honey Vodka uses an octahedron or honeycomb shape. The Gin a cube within a cube representing the harmony and layers of botanicals we use to make our gin.

The package designs are simple, elegant and differentiating on the shelf and back bar. Everything you want in a great package!"

Designed by Squeeze, Inc located in Phoenix, AZ  

Principals: Russ Wall, Ruth Wall

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