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Williams-Sonoma Summer 2012

by Gina Angie on 08/20/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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Check out these incredible designs from the in-house team at Williams-Sonoma for the Summer 2012 Collection. Can you pick a favorite?

Stay tuned for our feature of the winter collection packaging! 



“As a small in-house creative team, we pride ourselves in creating unique private label packaging with reflects the individual personality of each particular product. Overall, our packaging is intended to feel unique, artisanal and approachable to reflect the exceptional quality of our food products.

Recently we’ve strived to reinvent the packaging direction and look that Williams-Sonoma has traditionally been known for by creating simple, yet bold designs which feel current and fresh.

Most of these products launched this summer, so we tried to capture the lighthearted spirit of the season.”

Design: Michael Hester, Sarah Hingston, Jeff Hester and Brent Couchman
Design Direction: Michael Hester, Senior Design Manager at Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Cupcake Mix (Vanilla, Coconut, Chocolate, Meyer Lemon and Red Velvet)

08 13 12 williams sonoma1408 13 12 williams sonoma16

DIY Cheese Kits (Ricotta & Mozzerella, Chevre Goat Cheese)

08 13 12 williams sonoma18

Green Peppercorn Steak Sauce

08 13 12 williams sonoma108 13 12 williams sonoma

Artisan Pasta Collection (Spaghetti, Fettuccini and Linguini)

08 13 12 williams sonoma408 13 12 williams sonoma208 13 12 williams sonoma8

Fatty ‘Cue (Bakar Marinade, BBQ Sauce and Chili Jam)

08 13 12 williams sonoma1008 13 12 williams sonoma9

Enchilada Starter (Red and Green)

08 13 12 williams sonoma1508 13 12 williams sonoma1208 13 12 williams sonoma7

Corn Dog Mix

08 13 12 williams sonoma17

Mandarin Tangerine Snow Cone Syrup

08 13 12 williams sonoma3

Brittle (Beer & Spanish Peanut with Himalayan Pick Salt)

08 13 12 williams sonoma19

Key Lime Margarita Mixer

08 17 12 vwilliams12

Farmer’s Scramble (Mexican and American)

08 17 12 vwilliams1

Bloody Mary Ketchup

08 17 12 vwilliams11

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