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Blissliving Home: Destinations Collection

by Gina Angie on 08/14/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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A home fragrace line that uses embroidered fabric swatch labels to identify each scent.

“When we created the packaging for the Blissliving Home Destinations Fragrance Collection, we wanted to bring in the textile element for the packaging since we are – first and foremost - a home textiles company. We thought the fabric swatches on the boxes for the candles and the diffusers were a perfect touch. We chose a silver background for the packaging to let the colorful textile pieces speak to the variations in the fragrances. As a group, the matte metallic boxes sit well together to give a unified, cohesive look while providing obvious cues that there are differences within each product. The embossed passport stamp on top of each box plays up our theme of destinations and travel. To offset the simplistic silver ground on the outside, we did a bright pop of color on the inside of the box as a burst of color and fragrance for your sense when you open each box.”

- Katherine Rodriguez, Design Manager, Blissliving Home



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