Casa Bosques Chocolates

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"Casa Bosques, an initiative of Savvy Studio, is a creative platform that develops products of a permanent and sustainable nature by collaborating with experts in various disciplines who share this same philosophy."


"The guiding concept behind Casa Bosques is to bring each project to its maximum capacity and expression. This is why Each CBB project is carefully manufactured using high quality raw materials.

Collaborators are thoughtfully selected; Casa Bosques looks for experts that are passionate about their specialties, and also feel motivated by the constant search for perfection.

Casa Bosques develops versatile, seasonal projects that complement a special way of living and thinking.

Casa Bosques Chocolates is our first project in the entity, a collaboration with the master chocolatier Jorge Llanderal. Twelve different editions will be produced, one every season.

Going through the line of the Equator and the best places where cacao is found, and combining it with different spices, each chocolate will be inviting a different expert to participate in the selection of the ingredients. A premium and pure quality chocolate in every sense."

Designed by SAVVY

Country: Mexico


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