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Crit* Alois Dallmay

by Tiana Spellman on 07/24/2012 | 3 Minute Read

Dallmayr is a Munich based delicatessen, chocolatier, luxury food store and restaurant with a history dating back to the 17th century.

Their new 15 bar range of premium chocolate, branded and packaged by fpm mixes illustrative and typographic detail, seals and stickers, a pale colour palette and an unusual segment shape to capture, with a contemporary sophistication, the traditional crafted quality of the range and the heritage of the brand.


“In our own chocolate factory manufactures the Munich delicatessen Dallmayr a valuable range of confectionery products. The Dallmayr new chocolate range with refined recipes and best ingredients is the result of consistent further development of philosophy and the pursuit of outstanding quality.”



“The goal for our designers was to provide the high quality and the manufacturing concept of an appropriate packaging design expression. At the same time the structure of the products and the different levels of quality chocolates for customers to be easily detectable.”

"We have staged product and packaging as a complete experience. The customer should, from unpacking to the last bite of the quality and loving care of the brand Dallmayr feel." Says Stefan Bogner, Managing Partner.” “The packaging of the chocolates are made in the form of envelopes. These are each sealed with a seal of Dallmayr. For a variety of flavors developed to meet the graphics designer to the character of each variety.”

“Particular emphasis was also placed on the product shape. The surface of the chocolate plaque with the facets of a cut gem, and thus differs significantly from the shapes of comparable products. The aim here is to establish a distinctive product shape. The brand is not only visually but also by the characteristic three-dimensional shape can be "tangible".”- Taken from the fpm website (Google translated).


There is a clear and pleasant fusion of old and new throughout this packaging solution that confidently manages to communicate heritage and tradition with a modern but retrospective eye for detail and layout. Rather than being stuffy and conventional, the seal (a symbol of excellence), typographical flourishes and script and line detail (capturing sophisticated flavour profiles) have been isolated across a simple white substrate (a bold and significant departure from the browns and blacks of the premium chocolate category) delivering contemporary restraint, a canvas-like sensibility (perhaps implying chocolate making as an art-form) and modular variety.


Like the contrast of detail and space, the geometric containers, rectangular structural design, triangular die cut panel and circular seal are juxtaposed alongside organic hand drawn illustrations. Combined with a mix of rich and pale colours and sticker treatment these details introduce a distinctive craft quality that compliment the traditional.

The structural design’s envelope inspired deep V panel and royal blue seal, sets a consistent tone throughout the range and is interestingly inverted, like the colour palette, across two further editions. Inside, the chocolate, formed with irregular depth and a triangular structure (a subtle reference to gems, high quality and perhaps the refinement of cocoa) is an unexpected and modern idea that neatly mirrors the graphic and structural design while a ‘wax’ seal, also formed into the bar, shares a similar organic contrast created by the illustrations.


The result is a well thought out juxtaposition of organic hand drawn detail (flavour and craft), a classic seal and typographic choices (heritage and tradition), geometry, space, restraint and the occasional san serif (contemporary sophistication and class) executed through a modular system that forms the basis for a variety of consistent but individually unique and expandable design solutions.

Opinion by Richard Baird 



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