by Yael Miller on 07/02/2012 | 2 Minute Read

Wondermade makes hand-cut square marshmallows. Their packaging is nothing short of delightful, with beautiful design, appealing copywriting and vibrant colors. These boxes were designed by The Heads of State and printed letterpress by Studio on Fire.


More details on print process and terrific photos after the jump.

Studio on Fire on the printing process:

"We letterpress printed this packaging assortment on French Papers. Using Speckletone Madero Beach 80lbC custom duplexed to six different Poptone 65lbC colors we achieved a 145lbC hefty box, still able to pack flat and fold up sturdy. On press, we used the same plates for all the boxes, just adding a color wash up on the diagonal strip plate as we rotated through the Poptone colors. That way the outside and inside of the package coordinate and the colors can be matched up with flavors. The boxes are sealed with a digitally printed label that Wondermade can add as they create new flavors. We think the letterpress craft of these boxes makes the ritual of opening and enjoying even more special."

Above: I love this subtle touch - the cloud-edge diecut on the label add a wonderful touch of playfulness as it interacts with the brand mark (hot air balloon).

More images below, showing the diecut detail and inside flood printing color.

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