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NuBone - Nutritional Supplements

by Tiana Spellman on 06/13/2012 | 2 Minute Read


NuBone is a series of nutritional supplements package for dogs that improves user experience and visual communication between users and product.

While the nutrient bone is the most iconic health supplement in the pet industry, its packaging in the stores hasn’t been interactive well enough to communicate with customers; and the graphical elements of the packaging were not effectively communicating its flavors and ingredients. Furthermore, the most used material for bone packaging is plastic, which does not leave a positive impact on the environment.

The raw pictorial representation of each flavor visually becomes an extension to the bone to create a refreshing relationship between the bones and their corresponding flavors and nutrients. The packaging design has also brought the often neglected nutritional statistics up front to help dog owners compare the selections more easily to make smarter health decisions for their dog's diet, while leaving room on the back for more intimate narratives and additional interactive content with the QR code.


Utilizing a paper folding mechanism, the packaging was able to encase the bone by tension efficiently with minimal volume. Compared to current one-time-use plastic packages, the NuBone has longevity in lifecycle: easy to be transferred from flattened to volumed for future storage or portable usage.

Jacky Kaho Ling, David Dong-Hee Suh of NuBone 

Nubone 05 HI RES

Nubone 02 HI RES

Nubone 03 HI RES

Nubone 04 HI RES

Nubone 01 HI RES

Nubone primary HI RES

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