Soap & Paper Factory Teams Up With Anthropologie

by Gina Angie on 05/31/2012 | 4 Minute Read

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Soap & Paper Factory created a new line of bubble baths, perfumes, and hand lotions. Inspiring colors and distinctive graphics organize the scent mixtures of orange blossom, basil, jasmine, and anise.



Gina Angie: Did you produce this line specifically for Anthropologie? What role did they play design and production?

Lisa Devo: We had been dying to bring in Eau de Parfums and Bubble Baths, and it just so happened that Anthro had the same idea! The products will be sold through S&PF but we gave Anthropologie the exclusive. Anthropologie was specific as to which products they were interested in, but it was up to us to make it all happen. Shannon (from S&PF) has been obsessed with geometric shapes and thought the idea of having our patterns along with the contrast of geometrics would look great. We are totally thrilled with the outcome! It was a huge undertaking. We went through countless mock ups of boxes, labels, tubes ....everything.

Gina Angie: What steps did you take to achieve the vintage style?

Lisa Devo: This was one of the best processes in the world. We have quite a nice library of vintage packaging. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! We really wanted to make a statement with the label and experiment with processes we don't usually use, such as gold foil, paper labels, and embossing. The process for the labels in particular was amazing. It is a four part process: the labels get printed, then embossed, then gold foiled, and then precision cutting on huge presses. We have done our share of print runs from boxes, labels, inserts, but this was mind-blowing! We changed things up a bit by implementing new methods that achieved looks of glam, beauty, simplicity, and texture.

Gina Angie: What kind of customer were you envisioning would be drawn to this line?

Lisa Devo: The customer we see interested in this line is buying it for what is on the outside, as well as what is on the inside. Obviously, our products are pretty feminine so our woman loves products that are fresh and new. Our woman loves her soft skin, and loves that we don't use gross chemicals in our products and that she can have the glam with out the gnarly ingredients.

Gina Angie: What fonts did you use?

Lisa Devo: We are slaves to Copperplate. We love that font so much so we used for the fragrance identifier. The name of the company and the product are in Gatsby.

Gina Angie: I love corked and wax dipped bubble bath bottles. Did you experiment with other closer options? What made you choose this?

Lisa Devo: Actually, Anthropolgie requested a cork closure. It took some troubleshooting getting the cork to stay in and not leak. We tried ribbon and stickers before perfecting the closure with wax. We hadn't used corks to close and preserve in a while so we had to do some research. A few of us may occasionally consume whisky and we thought - if they can do it so can we! Our custom stamp perfected the solution: beautiful, functional, & touched by humans - exactly what we love!

Designed by Soap & Paper Factory


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