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Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer

by Gina Angie on 03/30/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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Reusable fragrance bottle sized for travel with a sleek design.

"A fun, universal, contoured fragrance accoutrement, the Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer is beautifully crafted, brilliantly compact (about the size of a cigarette lighter) and a perfectly discreet travel piece (it has TSA size approval). Plus, its affordable price allows you to have multiples of your favorite scents for weekend bags, purses and totes.



When pressure is applied upon the atomizer head, a small shutter is unlocked, unblocking the nozzle and activating the spray function. The atomizer will not leak. The Sen7 Fragrance Atomizer holds approximately 70 sprays and can easily last for two weeks. It’s suggested to clean the barrel (with warm water or alcohol) before you refill the atomizer. The case and lid are made of high-quality coated metal and the barrel is made without the addition of plasticizers.

The Sen7 Fragrance Atomizers are available in these two dispersing systems: Classic Sen7 and Easyfill Sen7. Sen7 Fragrance Atomizers will make their American debut in Spring 2012 at select specialty retailers."


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