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Student Spotlight: Sharmini Subramaniam

by Gina Angie on 02/07/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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Two beautifully illustrated and tactile wine labels including a wooden wine box by student Sharmini Subramaniam of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.



No. 3

"Each label is an Individual linoleum-block print. The images chosen have a dark and moody atmosphere. Together with the heavy line work of the lino cuts, they represent the heavy and bold flavours of red wines."

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"Putih (white in the Malay language), is a series of white wines that features two of my greatest passions, printmaking and packaging. The bottles and its individual cases are all custom made as these wines are of a highly limited batch. Each label was copper etched and hand printed in an oil based silver ink. The delicate line work on the labels reflect upon the flavours and aromatic qualities of each wine. This element follows through in the individual cases, the varied die cuts are derived from the patterns of each label. Laser etched text on the cases further carry on the light and airy quality of the entire design.

The cases were intended to look like wood. Recycled chipboard with saw dust/wood fibers was chosen as a green alternative. The hexagonal shape also requires less material than a rectangular box which cuts down on waste. The burnt marks give them the brown tinge of burnt wood, but essentially they are more of a thick environmental version of chipboard." 

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