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Doce Cielos

by Richard Baird on 12/16/2012 | 2 Minute Read

Doce Cielos honey packaging designed by Anagrama.

"Doce Cielos is a brand specializing in traditional handcrafted honey-based products. Their mission is to encourage the recognition and consumption of these native Mexican apiculture products, emphasizing the product’s richness in flavor, texture, color and benefits to personal health."



"The packaging lines make allusion to traditional handcrafted Mexican paintings and art pieces. Our proposal achieves a sophisticated link between the Mexican handcrafts heritage and the honey’s sweet traditional essence.
Since the brand’s primary products are honey-based, we chose a bee for the logo."

"The packaging design praises the great variety of honey varieties using a categorization based visual system and nomenclature. The typography is meant to convey the cleanliness and elegance of the product."




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