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Barneys New York Electric Holiday Invitation

by First name Last name on 12/17/2012 | 2 Minute Read


Design Packaging's invitation for Barneys New York Electric Holiday collaboration with Disney is nothing short of electrifying. Details below!











 "The brief – Modern Runway meets Disney. Our creative process is simple; start at the end, work backwards, and the complete design will reveal itself." — Evelio Mattos, Creative Director, Design Packaging, Inc.

Visually Electric Holiday conjures up childhood holiday memories from Disney's Electric Light Parade.  Drawing from this colorful and bright inspiration, the team pursued LED integration from the start with the mirrors evolving as a metaphor for reflecting on personal memories.
After sketching rough concepts for the final piece, the pack structure was then engineered to meet targets; budget, launch date, and design objectives.
In the design process, material and component balance was key to staying within the set budget; number of lights, weight of mirrors, lifespan of batteries, substrates, and print processes. Each of these elements impact costs individually or collectively compound them. Concessions in material selection or production processes are typically where designers first look to reduce costs.  However, due to the delicate nature of the hardware, materials selected ensured the structural requirements needed to protect them were met.  In this case, materials and processes could not be compromised.  Reductions in cost would need to be made elsewhere. 
Through Design Packaging’s Value-Engineering process, they determined that reductions to both the number and lifespan of the lights could be made without impacting the overall design.  In turn, fewer batteries were required creating both a smaller and lighter footprint.  The final piece was delivered on time, within budget, and true to the initial design vision.
Understanding client timelines and budget is critical in outlining key design objectives and setting a solid foundation on which to build any innovative packaging program."

Designed By: Design Packaging


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