Columbus Brewing Company

by Jessica Sanchez on 11/27/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"Columbus Brewing Company went through a major branding overhaul about six years ago where we established the new logo and overall-look and-feel for their six-packs and labels."





The response was tremendous--a 50% immediate sales bump which has continued to grow ever since. Now that they have been reestablished as the local leader in craft beer, CBC is releasing seasonal styles which still use the current logo but we have set a new standard for how we handle specialty styles. 

When visiting local groceries stores we noticed that they commonly position the six packs with the narrow end facing out next to one with the wider side facing out. By creating a memorable illustration that is symmetrical, we are able to wrap it around the corner of the carrier. When the six-packs are displayed on shelves, they line up to complete the illustration giving us more impact at point of purchase."

Designed By: Jeremy Slagle

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