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SSG Food Market: A Supermarket with Seoul.

by Jessica Sanchez on 11/18/2012 | 3 Minute Read

"Challenge: Shinsegae, South Korea’s premier luxury department store, asked Mucca to translate their vision of a forward-thinking food emporium into reality."





In a marketplace of sterile grocery environments, our goal was to engage and entertain customers through authentic culinary culture.

Action:  To bring SSG Food Market to life, the Mucca team collaborated closely with Shinsegae. We developed an information-rich brand system to speak to a demographic hungry for facts about food and health. A focus on local suppliers and their stories evokes the world of the farm, while custom stencil typography, natural materials and hand-applied graphics convey a spontaneous energy and artisanal spirit.

Mucca covered a lot of ground to bring SSG Food Market to life: a brand identity, departmental signage, merchandising, wayfinding, iconography, uniforms, retail packaging, private label packaging and a website.

Results: The flagship store in Seoul’s trendsetting Chungdam neighborhood is a food lover’s destination, luring locals and international shoppers alike. With plans to expand the brand to more stores, Shinsegae is redefining South Korea’s retail landscape."

Designed By: Mucca Design

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