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Le Carré des Chocolatiers

by Gina Angie on 01/26/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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"Le Carré des Chocolatiers invites you to a sensory journey, to initiate you into the world of hand-crafted, contemporary-style chocolates. Nine product lines will lead you through successive discoveries and new worlds of taste: spices, herbal infusions, Grands Crus, flavours of the Mediterranean, the art of chocolate truffle, the crunchy pralines collection, and blends of herbs and fruit. Some chocolates have the drama of a sudden revelation, others suggest a tone-poem. The range we offer is a reflection of such sensory mysteries, of the contrasts which define the phases of one’s pleasure: the sensations extend from the crunchy crescendo of chocolate tablets to the airy effect of herbal ganache chocolate.


Le Carré des Chocolatiers gives free rein to the creativity of the artists in chocolate who craft our lines. They are demanding master-craftsmen who use ingredients of the highest quality, producing original chocolates from the purest cocoa butter, drawn from the finest and rarest varieties of cacao beans. Based in Switzerland, they all share a passion for their work and their outstanding talents. Le Carré des Chocolatiers stands for on-going innovation and renewal. We invite artisans from different regions and backgrounds to create the limited editions of chocolate tablets produced under the SUMMUM line. These give scope for aspiring talent and are an endless source of new experiences for chocolate-lovers. Our lines are also characterized by a very modern design and an urban outlook, for Le Carré des Chocolatiers represents a wider culture, one that is aware of the history of chocolate, of the stories and anecdotes surrounding it, of culinary tradition, modern art, current events, literature, fashion and the cinema. All these are like so many elective affinities, offering as many escape routes to the enchanted land where chocolate delights the senses."

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