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Freak Fragrance

by First name Last name on 09/30/2011 | 2 Minute Read


Propaganda has teamed up with cult beauty brand Illamasqua, to create and launch of their first fragrance.

As a brand that celebrates the idiosyncrasy of people, being unique and out of the ordinary, Illamasqua adopted the name 'Freak' for the fragrance. Given this as a basis, we explored a range of different avenues for what a 'Freak' bottle should look like. We decided on the bottle in the attached images. The shape is based on a traditional classic perfume bottle, with the bottom right corner removed to make the bottle stand on its edge, echoing the Freak ethos of 'refusing to fit in'.  A silver snail is attached to its side, a snail being a creature that is perfectly formed yet not admired as being conventionally beautiful by the masses, this represents Illamasqua's love of beauty in all things, especially the unconventional.

Illamsqua considers itself a night-time brand, therefore it makes sense that this unisex fragrance is made from flowers that bloom only at night, including the Queen of the Night (or Nightblooming Ceresus), a rare flower from the Arizonian desert which blooms for only night a year or when the moon is full.


Thank you to Lee Bennett head of design at Propaganda for submitting this to us.

Freak bottle on blackFreak Bottle on white



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