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Pure, Organic Bars

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 09/27/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Pure, Organic bar was born in the founder,Veronica Bosgraaf 's kitchen as her 6 years old daughter declared herself a 'vegetarian'. The concept grew from there and reached healthy eaters "on the go" everywhere. In 2010, Pure rebranded themselves, and the result is a great success, Pure has reached a wider audience by communicating who they are through the bright, contemporary clean packaging. See more of Pure, after the jump! 


"Taking at look at the bright future we see for ourselves in 2010, we thought it time to create a more vibrant, colorful and eye-catching look and feel for the Pure Bar – something that truly communicates what we are…a fun and spirited brand aimed at providing ultimate nutrition through simple, raw, organic ingredients. We wanted to better convey our commitment to freshness, our love of real, delicious ingredients and our dedication to create the most delightfully moist, chewy and flavorful bars possible. We are so proud of our simple ingredients that we wanted to let people know there’s no need to read the fine print because, well, there isn’t any. We’ve laid it all out there right on the front of the package. "

Photography by Myron Beck Photography.

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