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3R Tequila

by First name Last name on 09/19/2011 | 2 Minute Read

09 19 11 3R

"3R Tequila is a 100% de Agave Organic Tequila, of remarkable smoothness, purity and strength, a spirit of passion, boldness and freedom. The brief 3R contacted Redthumb, a small independent branding agency, with an incredible opportunity - create a 'kick-ass' design for a brand with an incredible true family story."


"The client wanted to redefine the Tequila category, and break new ground by creating something bold, outstanding and passionate. Initially launching in Sweden, 3R is also looking to expand to North America, the rest if Europe and Asia.

The new 3R Tequila Blanco and Añejo were created entirely in-house, including a new hand-crafted bottle inspired by traditional Tequila flasks. The design wraps the incredible brand story right around the bottle, with an illustration directly printed entirely around the glass. The brand identity is strong, and simple, with a secondary logo developed to use when apart from the illustration."

Designed by Redthumb

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