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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 08/25/2011 | 3 Minute Read

"Pams is New Zealand's largest private label supermarket range, owned and marketed by Foodstuffs Group. In the last fewyears after a brand and packaging relaunch, Pams has grown from being an imitator of category leaders, to an innovative and trusted ‘destination’ brand in its own right."

Check out the extensive range of packaging from Pams private brand below. 

"Pams Table Sauces:

Brother Design is the creative team behind this success, applying fresh thinking to find distinction in every category, and add personality and appeal, yet stay true to Pams brand essence of ‘simple everyday pleasures’.

With this new Pams sauce design we have freshly uplifted and unified a previously disparate collection of products into an exciting range. They are bright and spontaneous and rather than following others down the road of authentic providence, we saw the opportunity to break the category and communicate flavour excitement - livening up everyday meals!

Bold typography and vibrant colours combined with sauce imagery drizzling down the packs says spontaneous and ‘foodie’ - whilst adding flavour and inspiration.

Pams Snack Range:

This  loyalty has been achieved by quality products, and elegantly simple packaging design solutions,  which endear the Pams brand to shoppers. Involved in the relaunch from the outset, Brother Design  revitalised the Pams personality to a positioning of ‘surprise and delight.’ Creatively we have enjoyed conveying Pams ‘charm’ to achieve category standout ever since.

The Alien Snack range is a perfect example, bursting with savoury cheese crunchiness and whimsicallyemploying characters to tell each shape story. Playful design that stays true to the Pams brand essence of ‘simple everyday pleasures.’

On vibrant backgrounds, with their retro typography and charming textured illustrations, these deceptively simple packs let the ideas stand out. They are adventurous, youthful and quirky - truly bringing out the fun side of snacking!

Pams Packet Soups:

Another product range for the Pams private brand label, which always demands a fresh idea, while staying true to the Pams brand essence of simple, everyday pleasures. 

The brief was to create a delicious looking range of convenient & tasty soups for the family.

We gave the packet soups a natural, rustic charm. The comforting feeling you get from plucking the best, freshest ingredients and capturing their flavours in a rich, warm soup stock.

The ‘cup of soup’ boxes have a similar typographic approach to create a link, but with a lighter style of wood in the background to convey the more ‘on the go’ nature of the product. "

Designed by Brother Design, New Zealand 




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